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Paneda ready for international expansion

Selje Norway & Linköping, Sweden 2015-05-04

The Paneda group has a clear strategy to expand and become a world leader in DAB technology. Preparing for international expansion, Paneda has strengthened the organization with additional staff, including both technicians and software engineers in our developing department.

The recent orders for tunnel systems in Norway have enabled the expanding process to start immediately, and improved our capacity for system integration work and product development.

As a result, Paneda will shortly introduce a number of new DAB related products on the international market, including a complete new and unique DAB head-end system with its related peripheral components.

At the same time, we are proud to present our new website which features a number of new products. Read more at: www.paneda no

“It is extremely satisfying to note that by developing smart and cost-efficient products, we are able to provide the market with highly requested products. I am convinced that our efforts in expanding and searching for partnership in the international market will have great impacts on the DAB industry. We look forward to releasing our new DAB Head-end system which derives from many years of experience of DAB- technology development,” says sales manager Lars-Peder Lundgren at Paneda Tech.

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Lars-Peder Lundgren
Geir Gjørsvik CEO
About the Paneda Group: 
Paneda develops and sells DAB related equipment on an international market. To date Paneda has delivered 40 tunnel systems in Norway.  Furthermore Paneda operates its own digital TV network in Norway complete with over 200 transmitter sites.

Published: 04.05.2015 - 06:00