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PRESS RELEASE 17/12-2015

Linköping-Sweden & Lillehammer-Norway

Paneda on-air in Lillehammer Norway

During a limited period Paneda in collaboration with P4 Radio Hele Norge, will perform a trial with the new Head-End system from Paneda. The trial is transmitting on the temporarily DAB channel 13A in Lillehammer. The purpose with this trial is to show the industry the latest technology and simplicity as well as cost efficient system, by Paneda. The trial includes a complete chain of equipment, from Audio encoders, multiplexers, data content and transmitter. The trial does not affect the ordinary transmissions from P4.

About the setup: Paneda provides the most compact DAB system on the market, one single 1U hardware containing 16ch DAB/DAB+ encoders, Multiplexer, Data content and Management. The audio codec is selectable and Paneda can offer codecs from Dolby Digital, FH Open Source or the Fraunhofer AAC codec. The Encoder supports a wide range of input formats such as AES/EBU, LiveWire/AES67 as well as web radio as sources. The output used is the EDI standard.

The Italian transmitter manufacturer Syes provided their latest 1U DAB transmitter with full EDI support. Read more about their transmitter series at

For content management, All in Media with the system Rapid will be used for dynamic real time updating and handling of DLS texts and SLS picture. Read more at

The compact and flexible setup is cost efficient and reduce the starting investment costs, making it easier to start the DAB transmissions.

“We are extremely satisfied to get this opportunity to show the quality and simplicity of our new system, and we are looking forward to show our great expertise in DAB together with an experienced user of such systems” says sales manager Lars-Peder Lundgren at Paneda.

For further information:

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager Paneda +46721599750
John-Arne Sviggum, Technical Manager
About the Paneda Group: 
Paneda develops and sells DAB related equipment on an international market. To date Paneda has delivered 50 tunnel systems in Norway. Furthermore Paneda operates its own digital TV network in Norway complete with over 200 transmitter sites.

Published: 17.12.2015 - 18:43