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Paneda launch Small Scale DAB



Linköping Sweden 2015‐12‐22 Paneda ready to offer “Smale scale” DAB systems

Paneda is now ready with its latest addition in the DAB equipment segment, and the new Paneda Head‐End system is well suited to be offered as a small scale DAB system. The new Paneda DAB Head‐End system is both scalable and flexible, and offers selectable codecs depending on requirements such as open source codec, Fraunhofer AAC codec and Dolby Digital codec. The system is a very cost efficient, stable and professional alternative to open source systems, with the important benefits that Paneda offers support and continuous development, with software upgrades on a rolling basis.

The system utilizes a cross platform design and can be offered as a virtualized system without dedicated hardware as well as using stand alone hardware. Furthermore, Paneda can offer a complete system “in the cloud” where Paneda host and maintain the system in a datacenter, with all features enabled.

Paneda provides the most compact DAB system on the market, one single 1U hardware containing 16ch DAB/DAB+ encoders, Multiplexer, Data content and Management. Selectable codecs, seamless reconfiguration and logging/monitoring. The Encoder supports a wide range of input formats such as AES/EBU, LiveWire/AES67 as well as web radio as sources. The output used is the EDI standard.

For content management, All in Media with the system Rapid is used for dynamic real time updating and handling of DLS texts and SLS pictures. Read more at The compact and flexible setup is cost efficient and reduces the startup investment costs, making it easier to start DAB transmissions.

“We are extremely satisfied with our ready to offer DAB Head‐End system with its high quality and
simplicity and we are looking forward to demonstrate our great expertise in DAB together with users
of such systems” says sales manager Lars‐Peder Lundgren at Paneda. 
For further information:
Lars‐Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager Paneda

Published: 22.12.2015 - 09:25