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Selje, Norway 2016-03-18

In fierce competition, Paneda has once again won a tender from the Public Roads Administration to supply DAB broadcasting systems to five regions in the southern Norway.


The FM network in Norway is scheduled to be shut down during 2017, and in that regard, the Public Roads Administration have started to upgrade all broadcasting facilities in tunnels to transmit DAB signals. Communication in the tunnel is a part of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration security strategy and Paneda also supply such systems.


In this southern region there are 49 tunnels to be covered with 23 different DAB radio systems where some systems handle several tunnels simultaneously. Including the new contract, Paneda will have supplied the unique and own developed technology for a total of 100 tunnels and is now the largest supplier of DAB Tunnel systems in Norway.

The company has previously won contracts for the installation of radio broadcasting in some of Norway's busiest tunnels, including the prestigious contract for the upgrade of 27 tunnels in the Oslo area. Paneda now has a majority of tunnels from the Swedish border, around the Oslo area and south to Rogaland region.

Geir Gjørsvik, CEO says: “This is fantastic news for us, and the result of a long term dedicated work in a competitive market. Furthermore, we have been able to gather the best DAB expertise in Europe and we feel well equipped for the task to supply such systems”

Paneda is the only supplier on the Norwegian market that has developed its own technology including a complete system with DAB/FM break-in functionality. Paneda has spent a lot of efforts in the development of a monitoring system that ensures that all systems in a tunnel operates as expected at all time, and Paneda monitor the systems 24/7.


The increased activity that comes with the contract means a lot to Paneda and the turnover will be doubled for the third time over four years .The new large contract gives the company an important reference for further expansion abroad. In addition to the tunnel segment, Paneda focus on further development within the DAB segment such as the new complete DAB broadcasting Head-End system. This new system has already been sold to a number of broadcasters and is now live in several countries with great success, and the interest of its great modern design and unique features are of great interest worldwide, especially by smaller radio station that seeking less complex system with more cost efficient solutions.

Oddvar Flølo, CTO says: “Since the start of Paneda back in 2001, we have devoted considerable resources to research and development. It is therefore very gratifying to see that we succeed and that these investments will pay off and that we can continue to develop more interesting products for the market”
-The FM network in Norway will be shut down during 2017 
-All tunnels with FM will be replaced with DAB -All tunnels over 500meters and a daily traffic of 5000 vehicles will be provided with DAB -DAB will take over the important role to provide emergency messages in tunnels. 
-Break-In for DAB will work similar as for FM, but where FM messages only kicks in for selected FM services, DAB messages will break in on all radio channels.
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Geir Gjørsvik, CEO Paneda Group.

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager Paneda Group

Published: 18.03.2016 - 10:58