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PANEDA wins more tunnel contracts


Selje, Norway, 2016-06-17

PANEDA STRENGTHING ITS POSITION IN NORWAY Paneda has signed another contract with the road authorities “Statens Vegvesen” (SVV) for supplying DAB break-in systems to region north. This is the fourth major contract during the last 3 years from SVV. In addition, Paneda has also signed a number of contracts directly with electro contractors to supply DAB break-in systems, for both new tunnels under construction, and also for upgrading a number of existing tunnels.

Leading Supplier

The new contract covers 11 tunnels that shall be equipped with a complete solution and with this new order Paneda has supplied 110 tunnels in total with its own in-house developed DAB system, and is now by far the leading supplier of such systems. Paneda has earlier won contracts of break-in systems in the busiest tunnels in Norway, for example the Oslo area with 26 tunnels in total, and this project is now in its finalizing state. In August this year Paneda will start the implementation of the previous won contract with 49 tunnels in Region South.

Geir Gjørsvik, CEO says: “This is good news and a result of our strategy, from in-house development to production efficiency and marketing. We have also strengthen our capacity and hired additional technicians to be able to provide a robust and high quality production process. We are also satisfied with the knowledge that we have the most competent DAB experts in Europe in our possession and is therefore well prepared for the task”

Safety First

Paneda is the only supplier on the Norwegian market that has developed its own technology including a complete system with DAB/FM break-in functionality. Paneda has spent a lot of effort in the development of a monitoring system that ensures that all systems in a tunnel operates as expected at all time, and Paneda monitor the systems 24/7.

International Focus

The increased activity that comes with the contract means a lot to Paneda and the turnover will be doubled for the third time, over four years .The new large contract gives the company an important reference for further expansion abroad. In addition to the tunnel segment, Paneda focus on further development within the DAB segment such as the new complete DAB broadcasting Head-End system. This new system has already been sold to a number of broadcasters and is now live in several countries with great success, and the interest of its great modern design and unique features raises interests worldwide, especially by smaller radio station that seeking less complex system with a more cost efficient solutions.

Oddvar Flølo, CTO says: “It’s great to note that our technology is in the front line technology wise, and that the market highly appreciates the high quality we provide. This also shows that we must continue to focus on development and improvements as well as adding new product and features into our portfolio in the stiff competition in this business”
For further information:
Geir Gjørsvik, CEO Paneda +4745027175
-The FM network in Norway will be shut down during 2017 -All tunnels with FM will be replaced with DAB -All tunnels over 500meters and a daily traffic of 5000 vehicles will be provided with DAB -DAB will take over the important role to provide emergency messages in tunnels. -Break-In for DAB will work similar as for FM, but where FM messages only kicks in for selected FM services, DAB messages will break in on all radio channels.

Published: 20.06.2016 - 07:51