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1FM Molde Norway goes DAB


The local radio station 1FM in Molde Norway will soon start its first DAB transmissions and has ordered a complete head-end system from Paneda. The system contains multiplexers and encoders and will use the Paneda 1U all-in-one solution.

Stian Viken, Technical Manager at 1FM says: “We are excited to start with DAB and to explore the new possibilities this offers. As a newbie in DAB it has been great to feel confident with such supplier as Paneda with long experience in this field, and we are pleased to have find an agreement that suits us well, both technically and business wise”
Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager at Paneda says: “The focus of Paneda, to offer cost efficient technical solutions for every need has once again been proven as a good strategy. The focus on development is extremely high and the system we now offer is way ahead in terms of future proof design and robustness and with a range of new unique features included, we welcomes 1FM to the DAB and Paneda family”
About Paneda DAB: The concept means that Paneda offers a system that is modular, and for entry levels with a few radio services also a low investment cost, still without any limitations in features. The system can be realized in a Paneda 1U hardware, containing up to 16 audio services, multiplexers, management and data content system in the very same 1U, furthermore the complete system can be installed in a server platform in the customers’ existing environment or provided as turnkey system using a complete system as a cloud based system without hardware.
For further information: Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager +46721599750

Published: 29.11.2016 - 09:08