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New Tunnel Contract


Paneda has won another contract in in region Troms in the northern Norway. The contract signed with the road authority “Statens Vegvesen” covers another 7 tunnels that shall be equipped with DAB coverage with break-in functionality. Earlier this year, Paneda won a contract of 11 tunnels, also in the north region and these are now in the final installation phase. In the same region, Paneda has also delivered another 5 tunnel system as the undersea “Tromsøysundtunnelen” and tunnels surrounding the Tromsø village.


To this date, Paneda has supplied DAB solutions to 135 tunnels in Norway, making Paneda to the leading supplier of DAB systems for tunnels.


The FM network will be switched off during 2017 in Norway, and the authorities are focusing on equipping most tunnels with DAB broadcast system to be able to reach listeners in vehicles in case of emergency. These systems are an important part of the security in tunnels.

Geir Gjörsvik, CEO Paneda group says: “It’s great news for us, and this is the result of dedicated work and focus, in a competitive market. Our installation team in the field and our technicians and managers in the head office in Selje has really been working hard during the fall, and where we have been able to installed 70 tunnels since the summer holidays. I am proud to be manager of such employees”


Paneda is the only manufacturer on the Norwegian market that has developed its own technology for DAB break-in systems for DAB. In addition, Paneda has also developed its own supervision system and all tunnels provided by Paneda is connected to the Paneda NOC and every tunnel is monitored 24-7.

For further information: Geir Gjørsvik, CEO Paneda Group +4745027175

Published: 05.12.2016 - 10:27