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Linköping, Sweden, 2019-01-17

The Belgium service provider Norkring and Paneda have signed an agreement for DAB+ head end systems. Paneda will provide DAB+ multiplexer systems to Belgium during the next 5 years. At the same time Norkring has ordered a complete system for an upcoming multiplexer.

This system will include multiplexers and encoders in full redundancy and includes a support contract valid for 5 years.

The system will be provided as a turn key solution realized in a dedicated server platform using VMware and capable to hosting a great number of independent multiplexer systems with its audio encoders and content management system. With the unique handling of virtual service providers in the system, each broadcaster can be granted access to its own web-based user interface and can handle and manage the system independently from each other.

Ludo Palmans, Operations Manager Norkring Belgium says: “After evaluating different system solutions, we have found that Paneda, with its modern solution and with the right set of functionalities, suits us best. We look forward to working with Paneda as partner to focus on DAB+ in Belgium.”
Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager at Paneda says: “We are very satisfied to have agreed on this long-term contract with Norkring Belgium, and we are pleased to once again have an agreement with a premium reference user”

About Paneda DAB+:

The Paneda DAB+ multiplexer system utilizes the most modern system on the market, developed with the very latest technology. The Paneda multiplexer system offers several unique features including the Paneda SMART content aware switching enabling an higher level of redundancy, virtual providers allowing broadcasters to share a multiplexer platform but still capable to operate independent within their capacity range, unique audio source redundancy with seamless switching between different audio sources and several other features unique for a Paneda system. The system can be realized in a dedicated Paneda 1U hardware, containing up to 16 audio services, multiplexers, management and data content system in the very same 1U, furthermore the complete system can be installed in a server platform in the customers’ existing environment or provided as turnkey system by Paneda as well as offered as a cloud service, without any hardware. For a cloud based DAB+ system, Paneda has developed the unique PCC, Paneda Cloud Connector that ensures the most robust and secure connection using Internet between the cloud multiplexer and the transmitter network.

For further information:

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager +46721599750

Published: 17.01.2019 - 07:00