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Linköping, Sweden 2019-08-15

A major Swedish commercial radio group has started a new DAB multiplexer with 13 new radio services. The new multiplexer is initially started in the Stockholm region, but will soon be expended to cover also the cities Uppsala, Gävle, Gothenburg and Malmö, covering totally 43% of the population and containing both national and regional services.

The radio group has signed an agreement with Paneda to provide five complete DAB head-end systems, and the order includes complete systems with multiplexers and audio encoders. The system is realized in a server platform, hosting 5 independent multiplexer systems with its audio encoders and content management system. The system uses the Paneda SMART content seamless switching, providing the most redundant setup for audio switching on failures.

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager at Paneda says: “As Sweden has run into political difficulties for DAB, we are pleased to note that commercial radio now sees all the benefits with DAB, and that they now start to roll out DAB in the country. The choice to use Paneda for this roll out is of course something that we are proud of, but at the same time it’s also a big commitment, and we are aware of the importance of this phase for DAB in Sweden. We hope that this is the first step to a successful DAB roll out for Sweden”

For further information: Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager +46 721599750

About the Paneda DAB system: 
The Paneda DAB multiplexer system utilizes the most modern system on the market, developed with the very latest technology. The Paneda multiplexer system offers several unique features including the Paneda SMART content aware switching enabling an higher level of redundancy, virtual providers allowing broadcasters to share a multiplexer platform but still capable to operate independent within their capacity range, unique audio source redundancy with seamless switching between different audio sources and several other features unique for a Paneda system. The system is often installed in a server platform in the customers’ existing environment or provided as turnkey system by Paneda as well as offered as a cloud service, without any hardware.
About the Paneda Group: 
Paneda develops and sells DAB+ related equipment on an international market. Up to this date Paneda has delivered over 200 tunnel systems with DAB+ in Norway. Paneda also operates its own digital TV network (DVB-T2) in Norway having over 165 transmitter sites. Paneda continue to expand its market shares on the international arena with its DAB+ Head-End range of components, currently having over 70 DAB multiplexers in operation world-wide. Paneda has also developed emergency warnings systems over DAB+ and offers complete solutions for different kind of such applications.

Published: 15.08.2019 - 06:00