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Emergency Warning

Paneda Emergency Warning System Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand 2019-11-07

Paneda has signed a MOU, Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Chiang Mai in Thailand. The MOU covers co-operations to explore the Paneda Emergency System over DAB. The University of ChiangMai will operate a DAB multiplexer system including live transmission, using DAB as carrier of important information to the public.

The Paneda Emergency warning system over DAB can be used for several different type of applications, the university of Chiang Mai will explore several types as using DAB for triggering loudspeaker systems, show graphics and audio on dedicated screen as well as existing screens currently used for advertising, the system will initially be tested as an air-pollution warning system.

Anupon Tajawanno, Asia Area Sales Manager at Paneda says,
“It is a fact that this region suffers from a variety of problems in terms of environmental phenomena, including floods, tsunamis and, not least, air-pollution that often reaches high levels of harmful. The challenges are how to provide important information to the public in a fast and secure way. The system that Paneda developed has been demonstrated on several occasions, and it is therefore gratifying to note that this now leads to success, I am convinced the system has great potential, and can also drive the development of DAB as technology in several markets.”
About Paneda: Paneda develops and sells DAB+ related equipment on an international market. Up to this date Paneda has delivered over 200 tunnel systems with DAB+ in Norway. Paneda also operates its own digital TV network (DVB-T2) in Norway having over 165 transmitter sites. Paneda continue to expand its market shares on the international arena with its DAB+ Head-End range of components, currently having over 70 DAB multiplexers in operation world-wide. Paneda has also developed emergency warnings systems over DAB+ and offers complete solutions for different kind of such applications.
Chiang Mai University (CMU) is a public research university in northern Thailand founded in 1964. It has a strong emphasis in engineering, science, agriculture, and medicine. Its instructional mission includes undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education offered through resident instruction. Its main campus lies between Chiang Mai downtown and Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Province. The university was the first institution of higher education in northern Thailand, and the first provincial university in Thailand.

Published: 07.11.2019 - 11:03