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Bauer Media choose Paneda

Linköping Sweden 2020-10-26

Bauer Media Audio Sweden has chosen Paneda for the digital radio broadcasts in Sweden's metropolitan regions Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. A total of 10 radio channels will reach over 40 percent of the population via DAB+.

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Director at Paneda says,
“DAB has always been a challenge in Sweden, and we are now very pleased to note that commercial radio starts their own transmissions, we believe this will be a success and are looking forward to supply DAB systems to Bauer for its ongoing and future DAB investments”
Teemu Korhonen, Head of Distribution at Bauer Media says:
“Throughout Europe, listening to digital radio via DAB + is growing. It will be fantastic for listeners in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to get several new radio channels to listen to. DAB + is the natural step to secure the future and develop the radio medium for the listeners. We are satisfied with our choice of selecting Paneda for this investment, they show great expertise and technology and we look forward to co-operating with Paneda further.
About Paneda:

Paneda develops and sells DAB+ related equipment on an international market. Up to this date Paneda has delivered over 200 tunnel systems with DAB+ in Norway. Paneda also operates its own digital TV network (DVB-T2) in Norway having over 165 transmitter sites. Paneda continue to expand its market shares on the international arena with its DAB+ Head-End range of components, currently having over 80 DAB multiplexers in operation world-wide. Paneda has also developed emergency warnings systems over DAB+ and offers complete solutions for different kind of such applications.

About Bauer Media Audio Sweden:

Bauer Media has the greatest reach in the new soundscape. We specialize in audio marketing and make sure you reach our millions of listeners with your messages. With us you will find, among other things, Sweden's largest radio station Mix Megapol, the networks Rockklassiker and NRJ, the radio stations Vinyl and Svensk Pop and a large number of successful podcasts. Bauer Media is owned by the German Bauer Media Group.

Published: 26.10.2020 - 07:54