The Paneda DAB Head-End system is highly appreciated for its easy-to-use approach as well as cost efficient. The system can be realized in a traditional hardware as the Paneda 1U compact all-in-one solution or in a server platform hosting a number of independent multiplexers and encoders in the same hardware. Furthermore, a complete system can be offered as a hosted solution in the cloud which enables a hardware free setup.

Sample of customers using a Paneda system for broadcasting:

-Fujairah Media Group, United Arab Emirates
-CRIT, RAI research center, Italy
-Bauer Media Denmark
-LVRTC, Latvia Radio TV center,  Latvia
-Nea Radio, Norway
-Radio Bodø, Norway
-Radio Bardufoss, Norway
-Radio Tromsø, Norway
-Avis, Slovakia
-Teleko, Czech Republic

Paneda has great experience of system integration taking a complete responsibility for all kind of radio systems inside a tunnel, this includes both FM, DAB, Paneda disaster break-in systems, VHF and fibre optics, complete with installation and maintenance.

Furhermore, Paneda offers complete systems for audio handling, including our own developed microphone panels for FM/DAB/VHF communication.

With our own team, Paneda offers a number of service/support agreements together with monitoring services.

Tunnels with equipment from Paneda, installed or will be within the upcoming months:

Name & “Fylke” (Region)
Øyer 	Oppland 
Eidsvoll	Akershus
Eide 	Østfold 
Askimporten 	Østfold 
Hvaler 	Østfold 
Hagan 	Akershus 
Skui 	Akershus 
Brenne 	Akershus 
Borlaug 	Sogn og Fjordane 
Stavenes	Hordaland 
Breimsfjell 2 	Sogn og Fjordane 
Knappe 1	Hordaland 
Knappe 2	Hordaland 
Folkedals	Hordaland 
Kråkmo	Nordland
Bekkestua	Akershus
Rælings	Akershus
Blåkoll	Akershus
Follo	Akershus
Nordby	Akershus
Nøstvedt	Akershus
Smiehagen	Akershus
Kjørbo	Akershus
Grua	Oppland 
Røste	Oppland 
Lunner	Oppland 
Oslofjord	Akershus
Frogn	Akershus
Vassum	Akershus
Tåsen	Oslo
Granfoss1	Akershus
Granfoss 2	Akershus
Smedstad	Oslo
Opera/Festnings	Oslo
Opera/Bjørvika	Oslo
Opera/Ekeberg	Oslo
Opera/Svartdals	Oslo
Opera/Vålrenga	Oslo
Hammersborg	Oslo
Grønlia	Oslo
Vaterland	Oslo
Brunsvik	Sogn og Fjordane 
Økslandtunnelen	Sogn og Fjordane 
Lussanberget	Hordaland 
Hundorp	Oppland 
Teikampen	Oppland 
Gran	Oppland 
Fosskoll	Buskerud
Tromsøysund	Troms
E39 Teistedaltunnelen 	Vest Agder
E39 Fedaheimtunnelen	Vest Agder
E39 Vatlandtunnelen	Vest Agder
Fv465 Ravneheitunnelen	Vest Agder
Fv43 Bukkesteintunnelen	Vest Agder
Fv43 Ørneheitunnelen	Vest Agder
Fv457 Flekkerøytunnelen	Vest Agder
E18 Oddernestunnelen	Vest Agder
Fv471 Prestheiatunnelen	Vest Agder
E18 Baneheitunnelen	Vest Agder
Fv456 Vågsbygdporten	Vest Agder
E18 Haumyrheiatunnelen	Vest Agder
E18 Steinåstunnelen	Aust Agder
E18 Bratteheiatunnelen	Aust Agder
E18 Songefjelltunnelen	Aust Agder
E18 Skifjelltunnelen	Aust Agder
E18 Grimstadporten	Aust Agder
Fv410 Blødekjærtunnelen	Aust Agder
E18 Kjørholttunnelen	Telemark
E18 Bamletunnelen	Telemark
E18 Brattåstunnelen	Telemark
E18 Hovettunnelen	Telemark
E134 Vågslidtunnelen	Telemark
Fv356 Porsgrunndtunnelen	Telemark
Rv36 Vabakkentunnelen	Telemark
Fv38 Vadfosstunnelen	Telemark
Fv38 Kragerøtunnelen	Telemark
Rv36 Sjøormporten	Telemark
Fv37 Presturatunnelen	Telemark
Fv37 Jønjilotunnelen	Telemark
Rv19 Hortentunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Hillestadtunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Hanekleivtunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Løkentunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Islandtunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Bringåkertunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Botnetunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Brekketunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Hemtunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Flårtunnelen	Vestfold
E18 Steinbjørnrødtunnelen	Vestfold
Fv300 Frodeåstunnelen	Vestfold
Rv23 Elgskauåsen	Buskerud
Rv23 Stampeleintunnelen	Buskerud
Rv23 Merraskottunnelen	Buskerud
E134 Strømsåstunnelen	Buskerud
Rv283 Bragernestunnelen	Buskerud
Spiralen	Buskerud
E18 Kleivenestunnelen	Buskerud
More tunnels will soon be added to this list