Croatian network operator OIV expands its DAB network with Paneda Head-End Systems.

Linköping, Sweden 2023-07-18 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

OIV, (Transmitters and Communications Ltd.) the Croatian network provider of national strategic communications infrastructure, expands its DAB network. The new equipment/licenses will cover one additional area, with national and regional services.

Johan Ericsson, Sales Manager Paneda said:

“We are very happy to see that DAB is expanding in Croatia. The existing long-term agreement between our organizations is very important for Paneda for our further development, by sharing experiences about DAB in general and development of DAB Croatia in particular”

Igor Likević, Signal Processing Junior Specialist at OIV says:

“As the initial order last year included powerful servers, it was very convenient to just install and configure the additional multiplexer on the very same server, without disturbing the live operations. The team behind Paneda shows impressively good support and knowledge”.”

ABOUT OIV (Transmitters and Communications Ltd.)

OIV– digital signals and networks, the primary provider of national strategic communications infrastructure that offers clients reliable digital networks and platforms for the transmission and transfer of digital signals, distribution of content and fiber-optic network for mission-critical services. OIV has been providing Croatian citizens with a national strategic broadcast infrastructure, for more than 95 years for radio and 65 years for television.

For more information, contact Johan Ericsson Sales Manager,

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