National DAB Denmark by Teracom using Paneda systems

Linköping Sweden 2017-05-18 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Teracom Denmark won the new contract for the national DAB network in Denmark and Paneda has been selected as partner for the DAB Head-End system. The new Paneda DAB system will be installed in the Teracom data center and is completely virtualized with full redundancy.

Teracom Denmark has great experience of operating and manage virtualized systems and the new Paneda DAB system is realized in servers using virtualization at Teracom datacenters. The system also includes the new Paneda “Smart Switching” of EDI outputs, capable to seamless not only switching between x number of input sources but also correct the output streams from two faulty inputs, given that the errors are different. The order contains redundant systems as well as a test system and includes audio over IP components and advanced metadata content system from All-In Media with the system RAPID.

Karsten Madsen, Project Manager at Teracom says:

“Paneda has proven that the offered system suits our needs very well, the Paneda system makes it easier for us to create an attractive platform and businesses model for our customers where each radio station or group of stations will have access to the system and can enjoy all benefits with DAB independently from each other and without limitations, in this system Teracom can focus on core knowledge, transmission”

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda says:

“This is a another great prestige order for Paneda and we are delighted to have Teracom Denmark as partner, we are convinced that this project will be a great success for all parties. Furthermore, we are also pleased to note that our virtual content provider solution has been appreciated by the market, and that our efforts in this strategy has been proven to be right”

About DAB in Denmark:

Previously, it has been decided that the public broadcaster Danish Radio (DR) will leave the national DAB multiplexer and focusing on their regional DAB networks. The national DAB multiplexer will from September therefore contain only commercial radio stations. The existing national DAB network covers 99.3% of Denmark. Teracom Denmark won the contract to operate the new DAB network with an initial coverage of over 80% and Teracom will also operate the multiplexer.

For more information, contact:

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda,

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