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Paneda awarded by SWISS TXT, a subsidiary of SRG SSR in Switzerland.

Linköping, Sweden 2023-09-13 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

SRG SSR in Switzerland launched its first DAB multiplexing platform in 2005. Today the SRG SSR DAB multiplexing platform runs in the four language regions with 18 services in each region. It is now time to re-engineer the platform.

In stiff competition with high technical demands, SWISS TXT, a subsidiary of SRG SSR, selected Paneda.

Paneda will provide a complete DAB platform containing 4 multiplexers including audio encoding, realized with the latest software based containerized technology. The order also covers monitoring components for ETI and EDI signals. All systems are provided with full redundancy and in addition also a full test platform.

Paneda was selected by SWISS TXT thanks to its track-records within the broadcast industry for quality and reliability, superb knowledge within Radio and its technical standards.

Lars-Peder Lundgren, CEO at Paneda says:

“We are very proud to have been selected as supplier and partner to SWISS TXT and SRG SSR. The collaboration with SWISS TXT and SRG SSR means a big responsibility which we at Paneda are well prepared for. We look forward to a long and valuable co-operation. This also proves that our focus on customer needs and our development concept are highly appreciated by our customers.” 

Klaus Probst, DAB Engineer at SWISS TXT says:

“We look forward to renewing our DAB platform and we have chosen the Paneda system for its most modern architecture and flexibility, and with several unique attractive features, furthermore, Paneda has shown a great understanding for our needs as well as deep DAB knowledge”


SWISS TXT is a subsidiary of SRG SSR (Swiss public television and radio) and focuses on ICT/infrastructure, distribution, video and accessibility services. With 290 employees at 6 locations (Biel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Comano), SWISS TXT has a multilingual presence in Switzerland and has been offering services to both internal and external customers since 1983.

For more information, contact Johan Ericsson Sales Manager,

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