Paneda completes installation in the Eysturoyar Tunnel, Farao Islands

Selje, Norway 2021-01-19 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Paneda has completed the installation of FM radio with break-in and a UHF Base station with repeaters for the undersea road tunnel Eysturoyar. This is the largest infrastructure project on the Faroe Islands ever and includes the world’s first undersea roundabout.

The Eysturoyar Tunnel is a subsea three-branch tunnel and measures 11 240 meters. It’s located between Skálafjørður and Tórshavn. The tunnel connects the island of Streymoy to the island Eysturoy. It also crosses the southern part of Skálafjørður, and connects the towns of Runavík on the eastern side and Strendur on the western side of the fjord.

Geir Gjørsvik, CEO Paneda says:

“This is a great prestige order and we are extremely grateful that the customer chose Paneda in fierce competition and that we have managed to deliver both on time and exceeded the customer’s expectations”

For more information, contact Geir Gjørsvik,

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