Paneda completes installation in the Myrmel Tunnel, Norway

Selje, Norway 2024-02-08 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Paneda has completed the installation of DAB radio with break-in system in the Myrmel Tunnel, which offical opened on February 6, 2024. Stretching 950 meters, the tunnel crucially connencts Myrmel and Lunde on E39. This is just north of Sande in Sunnfjord and approximately 12,5 km south of Førde.

The Myrmel Tunnel signifies a significant stride toward safer and more efficient journeys for residents and commuters. By removing obstacles for local farmers, it also grants seamless access for transporting goods, contributing to heightened agricultural productivity in the region.

Read more about the project here.

Geir Gjørsvik, CEO Paneda says:

“With this installation, we reinforce our pledge to pioneering solutions, elevating safety and communication standards to benefit communities in a meaningful manner.”

For more information, contact Geir Gjørsvik,

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