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Paneda completes installation in the Svegatjørn-Rådal tunnelprosjekt, Norway

Selje, Norway 2022-10-31 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Paneda has installed DAB radio and Breakin-system for the extensive “Svegatjørn-Rådal” tunnel project. The tunnel opened for traffic 31th of oktober 2022.

The project is located outside Bergen in Vestland county. The facility consists of 18 kilometers of new four-lane road, with a total of four new tunnels with double tunnel runs.

Geir Gjørsvik, CEO Paneda says:

“We are excited and proud for being selected for this large and complicated project. It has been an demanding project, for both an technical perspective and the tight schedule for delivery and installation. Happy to note that our team has fulfilled all the requirements, and this proves that Paneda offer state-of-the-art solutions and services”

For more information, contact Geir Gjørsvik,

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