Paneda proud sponsor of the Estonian DAB trial

Linköping, Sweden 2022-11-30 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Levira, the Estonian network provider are currently together with radio stations testing DAB solutions and possibilities in Estonia. As a pilot project, DAB transmitters will be launched in Tallinna Teletorn (TV Tower) and by the end of the year also in Koeru and Pehka.

The testing is focused on the main roads in Estonia. 

Digital radio transmission was last tested in Estonia back in 2000. Since then, the technology has been developed and improved with the addition DAB+ with better error correction solutions, innovative packaging methods, which also allows higher audio quality and possibility to include more radio stations in one multiplexer.

During the testing phase, 12 radio programs are broadcasted on the digital radio network, and all radio stations were also given the opportunity to participate in the testing. 

Johan Ericsson, Sales Manager Paneda said:

“We are happy to see our neighboring countries showing an increasing interest for DAB, and we are happy to support Levira in this project by providing multiplexer and audio encoders as well as education, training and support with the overall goal that to make this DAB trial a success”


AS Levira is a digital services provider and a technology partner to companies whose business depends on technologies and who wish to involve a professional service provider that can offer the necessary infrastructure solutions. Levira operates a terrestrial digital TV network in Estonia, used by 250,000–280,000 people all over the country. The majority of local radio channels are transmitted through Levira’s towers. In the media services segment, Levira cooperates closely with all its clients, offering them various innovative solutions from production to media management and archiving.
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