Paneda wins new contract in Qatar



A major broadcaster in Qatar has chosen Paneda as its technical partner for DAB systems. Paneda has delivered a completely new DAB system including redundancy, audio contribution, content system for metadata and distribution components. The system has been realized in a server platform using VMware virtualization. All components are redundant without any single point of failure.

Paneda has recently finalized onsite training sessions with the local technicians and performed redundancy tests and other exercises. The complete system is now in operation.

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda says:

“We are looking forward to supply DAB to the region and is a first step to a successful launch of DAB and a long-term relationship. The system we have provided is designed with fully redundancy on all components and we are confident that this system will provide a solid DAB signal for many years”

For more information, contact Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda,

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