RTI cz choose Paneda for DAB

Linköping Sweden, 2020-07-23 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Paneda has signed a contract with the national multiplexer and network operator RTI cz in Czech Republic. The contract includes DAB multiplexing and audio encoding as well as metadata systems. RTI cz has recently decided to renew and improve their platform and has chosen Paneda for the technology. The system has been realized in a server platform using VMware technology and is prepared to be expanded later. The content in the first multiplexer is a mix of commercial and public radio.

Roman Kropáček, CEO of RTI cz says:

“We have years of experience of DAB multiplexing as operator, and now was the time to renew and modernize our platform. We are pleased to see that the Paneda multiplexing system has been developed with operators like RTI cz in focus, the system is easy to understand and operate and offers several unique features that helps us to provide a better total solution”

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda says:

“Paneda has been active in this region for a while and has been promoting DAB as technology against several actors, and its satisfying to now note that it’s now resulting in new business, I’m confident that RTI cz will be satisfied with our solution and we look forward to a long term relationship”

About RTI cz:

Operating on the Czech market since 1998, the RTI cz s.r.o. company has been focusing mostly on radio and TV signal propagation in the territory of the Czech Republic. We are a holder of certificate no 1512 issued by the Czech Telecommunication Office according to § 14, paragraph 1 of Act no 127/2005. We currently operate 1 DVB-T transmitter in Pilsen, 60 radio transmitters for FM broadcasting located mainly in West Bohemia and 10 DAB transmitters in the Prag, Plzen, South Bohemia, and Karlovy Vary Regions.

For more information, contact Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda,

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