DAB Italia choose Paneda

Linköping Sweden, 2020-10-08 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

DAB Italia has signed a long-term frame agreement with Paneda for supplying DAB multiplexer systems. Paneda has recently provided a fully equipped complete redundant system including multiplexer and audio encoders. The system is realized in a 1+1 setup using VMware virtualization.

Sergio Natucci, CEO fo DAB Italia says:

“After some months of intensive testing and evaluation of the Paneda system, we concluded that this system suits us very well. The system is easy to operate and understand as well as offering the functionality we request. Paneda has been developing and improving the DAB multiplexer with custom features and software tools, adapting the system to our requests and we are very satisfied with the great support Paneda offers”

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Director at Paneda says:

“Italy is a key market for Paneda, and with this new agreement we are expanding our market shares in the region, DAB Italia is an experienced operator of DAB systems, having stiff requirements, which comes to our advantage with our system with several unique functions and high level of redundancy”

About DAB Italia:

DAB Italia is the first national independent DAB network operator, developing and managing its own national DAB network. Currently 19 radio programs are broadcasted nation-wide using the DAB Italia network and the transmitter network is constantly extended. Read more about us here:

For more information, contact Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda,

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