Euro DAB Italia choose Paneda

Linköping Sweden, 2018-10-04 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

EuroDAB Italia, the national digital network operator, operating in Italy, has chosen Paneda for DAB multiplexing system.

EuroDab Italia plays an active and important role in the development of digital radio in Italy and today the transmission covers about 80% of the Italian population. EuroDab is attentive to innovations and invests to always been updated from a technological point of view.

The new system contains a complete system with multiplexers, audio encoder and is installed as fully redundant. The system is provided as virtual machines installed in two separated network locations and uses VMware technology and also contains the Paneda SMART content redundancy switching.

The system was installed before the summer vacations and after intensive tests and verifications the system is now on-air and in operation. An appreciated and used feature with the provided system is its capability to offer virtual service providers, means that each content provider can use their own login to access their capacity slot in the system and manage their own part of the multiplexer, totally independently from other content providers. The Paneda SMART content aware switch capable to combine content from each multiplexer to an error free output is installed and enables a much more fault tolerant transmission.

Eugenio La Teana, CTO of RTL Radio says:

“The decision to use the Paneda system was easy to take, we are aware of the skills and experience that Paneda offers, and the system that Paneda is offering is state-of-the-art with several unique features. Furthermore, the new approach with having the system installed in a server platform using VMware technology provides an “non-aging” approach for the DAB system. With the new system has also improved the quality of audio coding, and today our digital sound is of the highest quality”

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Director at Paneda says:

“We are pleased to note that we have strengthen our position on the Italian market, and in particular with EuroDAB as the main provider of Radio Media in Italy. Once again, Paneda wins a prestige order in stiff competition”

For more information, contact Lars-Peder Lundgren, Marketing Director Paneda,

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