Paneda completes installation in the Ryggedal Tunnel, Norway

Selje, Norway 2023-07-06 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Paneda has completed the installation of DAB radio with break-in system in the Ryggedal Tunnel. It was reopened after a renovation, 6th of July 2023.

The Ryggedal Tunnel is 1612 meters long and it’s located on the Fv. 820 in Nordland, Norway. This tunnel is a vital part of the transportation infrastructure in the area, providing a safe and efficient route between the towns of Bø and Sortland.

Read more about the project here.

Geir Gjørsvik, CEO Paneda says:

“We are proud suppliers to this project and we are grateful for the trust in having delivered our self-developed DAB technology in this project as well.”

For more information, contact Geir Gjørsvik,

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